Links to Other Sites

Here are some other web sites I have visited, or recommend. Some more than others, but a good list anyway. Some probably fit in different catogories also, so rather than list the same web site many times, I have just listed it once, so have a good look.

If you would like to suggest any that should be there (even your own), please let me know via the contact page above.

Clubs & Groups

DigiComm Cafe

Digital Networks

All Star Link
BrandMeisterSee Last Heard and several other pages of useful information about this network
EchoLinkEcholink is not really digital, but have listed it here anyway. A well used system that in my opinion when it was made was well ahead of its time.
FCS – Dashboards – FCS001 FCS002 FCS003FCS004 FCS005
NXDNNXDN information
Peanut – Main PageDashboardPeanut for Windows or Android. There are two links. The first one to the main page with lots of information, the other one the dashboard.
TGIF DMR Network – Main PageActive TalkersTGIF DMR Network. A fast growing DMR world wide network.
VKDMRAustralia’s DMR Network, see links to dashboards etc. This is for Australian’s only.
YSF Reflector RegistryYSF list of reflectors available to join
ZelloThere are several channels that are connected to Amateur Radio


Amateur Radio Resources
Ham Radio Quick Start
How Does Radio Work Video
Kids Radio Zone
Online Repeater Maps of AustraliaA great set of Google maps showing repeater locations around Australia via band / network
Radio Technology in the Classroom
WIA Repeater ListA list of repeaters around Australia in pdf format, csv format, txt format and even a zip export so it can be easily imported into your programming software easily.

Getting Your Licence

A free online course to get Amateur Radio License

Morse Code

Having Fun with Morse Getting Started with CW & Getting on HF Bands with Any License

SDRs (Software Defined Radios)

Online Radio You can Tune & Listen to from around the world