ProScan and ProScan Client

I recently started using ProScan after years of using FreeScan. I have always enjoyed using FreeScan as it is easy to setup, I can download outputs from the software, and the main reason “it works”. However ProScan seems to be more graphical and has different features also.

Anyway, if you go to the following website, there are several programs available.

There are three software options available via the above link.

  • ProScan
  • ProScan Client
  • RadioFeed

Details on the above three are below.



At the time of writing this, the cost of this software is $50 which can be used on two different computers. You can deactivate it on a PC to activate it on another PC. You can use it free with all functions for 30 days though.


Occording to the ProScan website, the ProScan Features include:

  • Scanner Support – Supports 18 different Uniden models
  • Scanner Programming – Upload and download data to and from scanner.
  • Database – Full featured database with Find & Replace, Find Duplicates, Export and Imports data from ProScan database files, Uniden UASD database files, and RadioReference Web Service.
  • Source Client – Streams real time audio to Broadcastify, Icecast, and ShoutCast servers.  Source Client can replace Edcast/Oddcast and SimpleCast types of programs.  If you are a Broadcastify stream provider then the Source Client can be configured automatically.
  • Web Server – Servers a web page and serves real time audio and folders / files.  Audio and folders / files can be password protected.
  • Logger – Extensive logging with many options.
  • Remote Control Scanner Over IP – Control scanner remotely with streaming audio.
  • Recorder – No loss audio recorder.  Stereo or Mono.
  • Audio Flow Diagram – Shows audio flow along with the volume controls and level meters.
  • Band Scope – Great for testing antenna’s and interference tracking
  • Control Channel Data Monitoring – Monitor the trunking control channel data.  Works with XT series scanners only.
  • Sessions Manager – Manages multiple instances of ProScan running on same computer.
  • Virtual Display – With keypad and knobs emulates the scanner front panel.
  • Serial Port – Auto Detect.
  • Test Tab – Bonus items such as sending commands to the scanner and viewing returned data from scanner.
  • Tabbed layout – For easy navigation.  Each tab contains a major feature.

Model Support

According to the ProScan website at the time of writing this, the following models are supported:

  • BCT15,
  • BCT15X,
  • BC250D,
  • BC296D,
  • BR330T,
  • BC346XT,
  • BC346XTC,
  • BCD325P2,
  • BCD396T,
  • BCD396XT,
  • BCD436HP,
  • BCD536HP,
  • BC780XLT,
  • BC785D,
  • BC796D,
  • BCD996T,
  • BCD996XT,
  • BCD996P2,
  • SDS100, SDS200,
  • SDS100E,
  • SDS200E,
  • UBCD3600XLT, &
  • USDS100 scanners

ProScan is avaialble via the above link. You can see some screen shots of the software via this link also.

Please note – we will soon be posting a review on this software.

ProScan Client

If you don’t have a scanner and are thinking about getting one, then this is for you.

This is a stripped down version of ProScan for connecting to ProScan RSOIP (Remote Server Over IP) Servers in Monitor Client mode only. Basicilly it is a list of peoples scanners who have chosen to share them online allowing you access to listen in to what they here at their location. The Audio Recordings and Logging features are enabled, so you can even record what you hear at your location if you want to.

You may want to share your own scanner and then you can listen to is when you are out and about and don’t have a scanner with you.

ProScan Client is avaialble via the above link.

How to use the ProScan Client software

Once downloading and installing the software, click on the Remote Scanner Over IP tab. Select the Update button to generate a list of avaliable published servers in the box below. You can sort the service in the box according to country and region if required by clicking on the headings. If you widen the software, or move across this box, you can see the description and type of scanner and further details of each server. All headings can be sorted.

Once you find the server you want to listen to, click on it so it appears in the boxes on the left side, then select the Start box. The server you selected may not work, details will be in the box down the bottom right. In this case select another server or try again later. When selecting a new server, make sure the server ID updates on the left side.

Once connected, the display of the scanner will update to the type of scanner you have selected.

When the scanner stops on signal, you can see it listed on the History Logging tab. You can select to list each transmission in a new row (which could end up being a lot of rows), or just list each different Talk Group ID/Frequency. The Fire Tone-Out Logging tab is interesting also if the correct frequency / scanner is complient.

You can record via the Recorder tab. Select the Recorder button and then it will list all the recordings. Select Colors Defined to see what the colours mean. Once this is on, you can then play each recording on demand. You can adjust the Column headings by click and dragging them as required.

When you have finished with a server, select Stop to disconnect.


This program will stream the audio from your scanner to Broadcastify, Icecast and Shoutcast servers. I think you can create your own web server also.

I have not used this program as yet.

RadioFeed is avaialble via the above link.


So what is your experience with these three software packages? Is it great for you? What would you like to see changed in the software? How long have you been using it? Do you agree with our comments? Please leave your comments below.

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